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Why the discount?

Already purchased a pair of Orthotics from us? We keep your information and foot layout in our systems so custom kit re-entry won’t be necessary. Get your additional orthotic pairs discounted.



Rob’s Custom Orthotics Kit is the cure you’ve been looking for. Say goodbye to your years of back and knee pain. Rob’s Custom Orthotics provide:


  • Correction
  • Alignment
  • Support
  • Protection

An orthotic is a device that provides correction, support or protection to a part of the body. Foot orthotics can be classified by the material they are made from and can be divided into Functional Foot Orthotics and Accommodative Foot Orthotics.


Functional Foot Orthotics control joint movement by heel posting or wedges placed on the bottom surface of the orthotic shell. Helps reinstate normal gait patterns by deviating ground reactive forces through altered and ideally neutral positions of joints.


Accommodative Foot Orthotics do not attempt to reinstate normal gait patterns, instead they address foot symptoms by decreasing areas of peak pressure and reducing dynamic friction on the foot surface.

Q: What is a custom orthotic?

A: A custom foot orthosis is a supportive device that is specifically made to fit your individual foot. Properly fit, the orthotic is worn in the shoe and acts as an interface between foot, the shoe and the ground.


Q: Why do I need foot orthotics?

A: In your lifetime you will walk over 100,000 miles, equivalent to walking around the world more than 3-1/2 times! The benefits of caring for your feet with custom orthotics can provide many additional years of comfortable walking and improved biomechanical health.


Q: What does an orthotic do?

A: Custom Orthotics provide four basic benefits:

  1. Orthotics support the foot and ankle during weight bearing and in gait, giving you greater balance.
  2. Allow for greater and more even weight distribution relieving undesirable foot stresses.
  3. Orthotics can provide a change in foot function, helping to compensate for abnormalities.
  4. Custom Orthotics provide superior shock absorption in addition to controlling the calcaneus heel bone. The combination makes it real joy to walk, run, and participate in all your favorite activities again.


Q: Do orthotics require special shoes?

A: Orthotics are designed to fit into most shoes, especially shoes with a little extra depth. A good quality, supportive shoe that fits well is an important part of the overall success with any orthotic. Shoes with removable insoles are usually the best for holding the orthotic. You may want a 3/4 length pair for dress shoes, flats or pumps.


Q: How long do orthotics last

A: The actual shell of the orthotic will last a life time, considering no major changes with the foot. The padding and top cover may have to be refurbished within 1-2 years of use. Depending on the level of activity of the user wear patterns will vary person to person.


Q: How long does it take to receive my Orthotics?

A: The length of time to make a pair of custom orthotics depends on the individual needs. Generally between 3 to 10 days.

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