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Here at Rob’s Shoe Repair and Orthotics, we don’t like to think we’re selling shoes or insoles. We believe you’re getting your life back. Get back to running with no knee pain, playing with your grandkids, and living comfortably again. 


In today’s modern world everything is custom made and tailored specifically to you. Your shoe’s shouldn’t be any different. Rob’s custom orthotics is the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

Rob’s Custom Orthotics are specifically designed just for you. This is a big deal considering you’ll walk over 100,000 miles in your life time. You wouldn’t travel that distance in shoe soles designed and produced in bulk would you? 


Every foot is different and has different needs that are unique to them. Custom Orthotics can help reduce foot fatigue, cushion your foot, improve your posture, as well as help your body recover naturally. Don’t go another day without giving your feet the proper support you need. 

Our Orthotics - Your Specific Need


Our flagship orthotic. Designed to be lived in and work with you. Wear these in the office rushing to your next meeting, or in the restaurant serving your customers with a comfortable smile.

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Our most flexible orthotic yet. Designed to make any formal event feel like casual Friday. Excellent midfoot control combined with Polypropylene for extra support make these some of the best in the business.

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Our most durable and shock absorbent orthotic. Designed to matter most when you need them most. Take them on the trail for a comfortable walk, or wear them on your morning jogs.

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Shoe Build ups

Leg length differences are very common due to injuries, hip or knee surgeries, or congenital reasons. They can be easily accommodated, however with an orthopedic buildup. Shoe buildups are excellent because they allow you to comfortably get back to doing what you love.


We offer Quality Correction Services that allows you to wear almost any shoe while still providing for your orthopedic needs.

Loafers shoe build ups

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