Online Repairs

We understand, everyone wants their shoes repaired by a master craftsman in leather and shoe-work but are not near our physical store. That’s why we made it easy for you to get your shoes repaired online. 


Most quality leather shoes are designed to be refurbished. Rob’s Shoe Repair & Orthotics can restore them to new condition. We only use quality materials that will wear better than those from most shoe manufacturers.


Rob's Shoe Repair
Rob's Shoe Repair

In Store Repairs

Rob’s Shoe Repair & Orthotics specializes in shoe and boot recrafting. Half leather soles, full leather soles, heels and re-welting. Protective rubber sole guards, upper repairs, heel cleats, shoe shines, stretching, and color restoration. We also specialize in cowboy boot recrafting, half soles, full soles, heels, and re-welting. 


Come visit our store and we can assist you with your shoe repair needs. Or drop off your shoes at one of our drop off locations.


Need Specific Repairs?

Browse our full catalogue here to see all of the services we provide!

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