Orthopedic Shoe Build Ups​

Quality Correction Services that allows you to wear almost any shoe!
Don’t live one more day​ with pain caused by leg length differences. 


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What we do is split the sole at the bottom of any shoe of men, women, and children, add the build up to the specified size, taper at the toe, then reattach the original bottom of the shoe. This creates an aesthetically appealing look while alleviating pain in the foot, leg, hip, and back caused by the limb length discrepancy. In situations that the sole can’t be split,  we apply the build up directly on the sole of the shoe and use a thin out soling material.

Leg length differences are very common due to injuries, hip or knee surgeries, or congenital reasons. They can be easily accommodated however with an orthopedic build-up.
We offer Quality Correction Services that allows you to wear almost any shoe while still providing for your orthopedic needs. Email us with questions: rshoerepair@gmail.com

To Order Online

Click on SUBMIT ONLINE ORDER FORM button below, fill out form and select desired options, Click submit form.

Create shipping label. Ship your shoes to be modified to us.  It’s FREE to create shipping label.

When we receive your shoes we will call you with questions and price. We will then email you an invoice.

Completed shoes will be shipped back to you within 5-7 business days.

Our Prices

Shoe/Boot buildup:
Up to 1/2″ (12mm) – $69
Up to 3/4″ (19mm) – $79
Up to 1″ (25mm) – $89
Each additional 1/4″ (6mm) add – $15 .

Rocker soles;
For one – $89.00
For pair – $120.00

*Weight exceeds 200lbs (90Kilos). Do you experience compression in buildup material? In this case, we may choose to use a harder material to prevent collapse.
​Honey comb shoe lift design. Drilling of lift material for added flexibility and less weight. – $19.95

S/H Cost-$18.95-PA, OH, GA, MI, RI, MA, VT, TN, WV, NH, KY, IN, NY, ME, NC, IL, DE, VA, CT, SC, MN, MD, WI, NJ.
S/H Cost-$22.95-IA, FL, AL, KS, NV, ND, TX, MS, NE, ID, SD, AZ, AR, CO, NM, OK, UT, MT, WY, LA, MO
S/H Cost-$24.95-WA, OR, CA – S/H Cost-$26.95-HI, AK. Free shipping on orders over $100!


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