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Rob’s Shoe Repair & Orthotics specializes in shoe and boot recrafting. Half leather soles, full leather soles, heels and re-welting. Protective rubber sole guards, upper repairs, heel cleats, shoe shines, stretching and color restoration.

Cowboy boot recrafting, half soles, full soles, heels and re-welting.

Most quality leather shoes are designed to be refurbished.  Rob’s Shoe Repair & Orthotics can restore them to like-new condition.  We only use  quality materials that will wear better than those from most shoe manufacturers.

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Oak-bark tanned leather sole from Joh.Rendenbach (JR) in Germany. Because of the tight grain of an oak-bark tanned leather soles, they wear longer and require more infrequent replacing. If you are looking to resole your shoes with the best leather sole available,  then, without a question, go with the J.Rendenbach (JR) oak-bark tanned sole.

  • Lasts at least twice as long, sometimes more.
  • Highly water resistant from the oak bark tanage.
  • No man made tanning agents that wash out in the rain like most others.
  • No painted finish to hide blemishes.
  • The hide part of the JR sole is cut from is only the best cut, no belly leather.


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