Your Feet Will Thank You

Custom Orthotics

How It Works

Place your order for one of our custom orthotics and we’ll send you one of our mold impression kits to fill out, as well as a prepaid mailing label. Within a few days, we’ll send you your new custom orthotics. 

Place Your Order

Place your order for one of our orthotics and we'll send you our mold impression kit.

Get Your Fitting

Once you have received your kit, fill out the impression mold and send it back to us.

Say Goodbye to Pain

Once complete, we'll send them right to you, so you can start doing what you love again.

Shoe Buildups

All Day Balance

Rob’s Shoe Repair and Orthotics specializes in shoe buildups for leg discrepancies as well as off balance feet so you can keep doing what you love and get back to doing what you want to do with out any pain or discomfort.

Need Repairs?

Shoe and Boot Repairs

Our in-house cobblers can repair any type of shoe or boot by hand. With a specialized knowledge of leather, shoe, and boot repairs, we have all of the skills necessary to build your footwear back to a brand new condition.

Orthotic Repairs

Orthotics are meant to be worn for every day use, but eventually they can require some maintenance and work done. Rob’s Shoe Repair can make your old orthotics look and feel brand new again. 

Rob's Shoe Repair and Orthotics Orthotics Repair

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"I got my shoes repaired at Rob's Shoe repair for a second time. The work was very well done, the high quality work and service continue being the same, very friendly and done on time. I highly recommend this place."

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